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Laughing Lime raves about Brown Butterfly’s Aromatherapy Oil for Athletes. Read about it in their blog on news and views on the environment and health.

The Seattle Weekly picks Brown Butterfly’s handcrafted Aromatherapy products as some of the season's best for Fall 2004.

Customer Comments

Here's what our customers are saying about Brown Butterfly products.
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“For me, it’s really invigorating to use your Rejuvenating Complexion Serum first thing in the morning. The fragrance alone is a pleasant experience. The serum is immediately soothing after a shave. Over the period of time that I have used this product, I notice a firmer and finer texture to my facial skin. I also just recently started using the Carrot Geranium Soap and couldn't be more pleased.”

-Rudy, Seattle, Washington

“Please send me four Nourishing Complexion Serums. It is the best product that I have found that moisturizes my skin, and doesn't cause it to break out. I love your product!”

-Susanne, Shoreline, Washington

“I love your Purifying Complexion Serum...I've been looking for a product that will provide my 57 year old skin moisture without causing it to break out. My skin is much more balanced. I so much appreciate your products”

-Patricia, San Diego, California

“I can't live without your Organic Carrot/Geranium Soap. It smells fabulous!”

-Joan, Seattle, Washington

“Brown Butterfly has wonderful soaps. I love the creamy lather and it's the first oil-based soap I've tried that doesn't leave a residue. It's also non-drying and the bar lasts quite awhile, even with everyday use. Other oil based soaps I've tried just fall apart in the shower after a few days. I'm very very happy with Brown Butterfly soaps!”
Thanks again, A very pleased customer,

-Jennifer G., Seattle, Washington

“These soaps are every bit as wonderful as the soaps in France, where we just returned from a long vacation.”

-Customer at the Ballard Sunday Market, Seattle, Washington

“Someone gifted me some of your Lavender Hand Soaps and they have been just lovely.”

-Marianne, Seattle, Washington

“The soaps I bought from you are absolutely delicious.”

-Ann, Fall City, Washington

“Thank you so very much for your wonderful products. I love them and the packaging is so lovely.”

-Rosie, New York

“I have always bruised easily and they take a while to heal. Since the Sole Survivor Foot Cream had arnica in it, I though that I would try it out. I managed to get a large (3" sq.) bruise on my leg that I was worried would take months to heal. It was yellow, blue, purple, etc. Anyway I sparingly used the Sole Survivor Foot Cream on the bruise once a day. The bruise was gone in a week!!!”

-Cindy, Bainbridge Island, Washington